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About Reema

Reema Dahbour is a female Jordanian fashion designer with Palestinian roots. After attaining an undergraduate degree in Business, Reema started working in the corporate field, which she eventually left to pursue a career –and a dream- in fashion design. Grounded in sustainability and empowerment of her local community, her eponymous label, Reema Dahbour, came to life in 2014.  A slow fashion brand, Reema Dahbour has since been the label of choice for hundreds of Arab women whether to celebrate memorable personal occasions, or walk down the red carpet, or star in Middle Eastern TV productions. 


Reema’s journey in fashion design has been a journey of discovery that allowed her to unlock her potential in a myriad of styles from nightwear to bridal, to most recently launching a subsidiary suits label, Tahiyya, with a vision to celebrate Arab women who aspire to break glass ceilings and embrace the unconventional. 


Throughout this journey of bespoke design, Reema Dahbour has developed a unique interest and specialism in espousing the traditional Palestinian cross-stitch to chic and modern fashion. Reema painted this nexus in her own engagement dress that left hundreds of thousands of Arab women, at home and in the diaspora, besotted and inspired. With this first-hand experience, Reema Dahbour has become cognizant of what she describes as her “true calling” in the fashion industry. 


In a world of fast fashion and immense globalization, Reema’s vision is to contribute to the preservation of her heritage by giving the Palestinian cross-stich symbol a “make over”, taking it out of its traditional -and confined- milieu to and asserting its continued presence for generations to come. In her upcoming collections, Reema will be navigating the different ways of giving a “modern spin on this age-old cultural fashion” with 3D printed details combining the past and the future. With a team of refugee women and local micro enterprises working on translating this vision into reality, the Reema Dahbour label will continue to be uphold its founding principles of sustainable and ethical manufacturing that shares its prosperity with its surrounding communities.

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